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About GamifyUs

The world is changing, and so are we. Work is no longer just a place we go to in the morning, and leave in the afternoon. We want work to be fun, engaging and provide quick feedback. Just like a game.

GamifyUs highlights how to use the fun and motivational aspects of games to improve results in areas not related to games.
Global companies like Starbucks, NIKE and Volkswagen have successfully been using gamification as a key component in their marketing strategies to increase customer engagement and gain attention for their products.

International research firm Gartner predicts that in 2020, gamification combined with other emerging trends and technologies will have a significant impact on:

•    Innovation
•    The design of employee performance
•    Globalisation of higher education
•    Emergence of customer engagement platforms
•    Personal development

Get out of your usual box and gather around the motivational aspects of games. GamifyUs provides an unique context, with a perfect blend of creative and innovative business examples within both tech and human resources.

Get inspired on how to use a game design thinking when organizing processes at work or engage your employees in company goals, how game tech like Virtual Reality can innovate your company's communication, or the impact of a powerful story.


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