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adrien hon

Adrian Hon, Founder Zombies, run! (UK)


One of the strongest elements in gamification is storytelling. With his passion for running and great stories Adrian Hon created Zombies, run!, the world's most popular fitness game. In this talk he reveals the story behind “Zombies, run!”, his thoughts upon how to create exciting, sustainable gamification-projects and why the future of gamification is about combining the digital and the physical world. Never underestimate the power of a great story.

Adrian Hon is co-founder and CEO at Six to Start, creators of gamelike stories and story-like games including the world's bestselling smartphone fitness game, "Zombies, Run!" with over two million players. Six to Start's clients have included Disney, the BBC, Channel 4, and Penguin, and the company has won multiple awards including Best of Show at SXSW.

Adrian is author of A History of the Future in 100 Objects, and has written a column about technology for the Telegraph. He originally trained as a neuroscientist at Cambridge, UCSD, and Oxford.