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Crystal Beasley, Founder Embodied Reality

Deeper States of Mind with Virtual Reality

Did you know they heart has 40,000 neurons in it? Recent neuroscience and psychology shows the mind is made up of not just the brain but also the body. Because virtual reality enlists the entire body as the controller, it gives us access to deeper levels of engagement than any medium that's come before it.

Crystal Beasley is the founder of three companies, most recently – Embodied Reality, a virtual reality research and development shop with a weekly YouTube channel on the neuroscience of flow. Crystal tests her own and other’s theories through practical experimentation. She travels the globe experiencing flow states and building experiences based off of what she learned. As a former product designer for Mozilla, she is unwilling to make assumptions about process or product and has done such inadvisable things as traveling solo to Syria and volunteering in Cambodia during three months of monsoon season.