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Juliette Denny, Founder Growth Engineering (UK)

Unleashing Superheroes

Juliette is Ideologist in Chief (AKA. Managing Director) at Growth Engineering, and her unwavering mission is to wage war on dull online learning. Growth Engineering are ‘Learner Engagement Superheroes’, whose learning technology solutions have changed behaviour and driven results for companies like EE, Cisco and Hard Rock. Juliette herself is an engagement expert (who regularly makes the worldwide ‘eLearning Movers & Shakers list’), with a wealth of knowledge on topics like gamification, social learning, microlearning, personalisation in learning and epic meaning.

You can expect to find Juliette taking to the stage wearing a cape and covered in badges, ready to show you how to unleash the superheroes across your organisation. Alongside the rest of the Growth Engineering team, she’s currently at work on a book called, ‘Unleashing Superheroes’. It focuses on Juliette’s firm belief that there’s a superhero inside us all, waiting to get out. It will equip organisations, leaders and L&D professionals to recognise and harness the transformative resources within themselves and their employees.