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Gamification and wellness

Do you have an app in your phone that helps you keep track on your progress when running, regularly reminds you to drink water or take a walk, or maybe tracks nutrition and calories in the food you eat? Or maybe even a smartwatch that buzzes every hour to remind you that you should stand up at your desk? The digital health market is raising every year, and gamification is in the core of this business. The global healthcare gamification market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 54.7% from 2017 to 2022 (Business Wire).

Here are five of our favorite gamified health applications:

1. Headspace
This app is meditation and mindfulness made simple. The free version takes you step by step through 10 guided meditations, with pedagogical animated videos to help you get the concept. The premium version offers various themes of meditations like stress release, better sleep or self-esteem.

2. Lifesum
This app has a fun and user friendly way to help you track nutrition and calories as well as physical activities. You can start with taking a test to get your health profile, and then the app provides you with suggested recipes that matches your profile. In the end of a week you get a summary of your life score, on a 150 points scale from "off track" to "perfect". It's fun to try to beat your own score every week!  Available both in a free and premium version.

3. Clue
This one is women only, and helps you track both your physical and mental health during your hormone cycle. It starts on a simple level with just the option to track your period, and then you can add several factors that affects your well being, such as meditation, training or sense of focus or motivation.

4. Nike+
This one is a favorite at the office for its visible interface that gives a clear sense of progress with levels in different colors based on how many km you have been running so far. It still has the same features as many other running apps, like the possibility to compare different splits etc. Nike also adds a social context where you can find races in different cities and offers a global community of running clubs all over the world.

5. The Walk
We added this one for its way of thinking differently around exercise! This is an app from Six to start, that also founded iconic running app Zombies, run!. The Walk is a collaboration with London department of health with the purpose to get its citizens to walk 10 000 steps a day. You walk around with a map on your phone that looks like the streets of London and listen to a thrilling crime story that takes place in the London underground. To unlock the next chapter, you have to walk a certain amount of steps. A minus for draining your phone on battery though!


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