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GamifyUs goes Almedalen

If you haven’t been to the political week in Almedalen, you might think it’s mainly about politics. And yes, of course there is a lot of political discussions going on, but it is also a great place to see trends and topics in business in general. Of course we wanted to see if gamification, nudging and behavioral design had a spot on the island this year. Here is what we found out.

Our partner Beteendelabbet was really busy during the week, doing several presentations about nudging and behavioral design, at Google stage among many others. They really rocked the place, and I recommend everyone to save a spot at one of their workshops at GamifyUs to learn more about how to use nudging to avoid biases when recruiting or waste less energy for example. Nudging was a popular topic in general when environmental issues were discussed, and after the intense heat this summer I have seen more people than ever in my social media channels worrying about the climate changes. I know that both nudging and gamification has great potential to create more sustainable behavior, and I really hope the conference we are throwing the 5th of December can bring some new solutions to the table.

Arbetsförmedlingen and Futurion had a really interesting session that we participated in about Future Skills at Work, where we discussed how to translate the knowledge gamers get from playing, to a work context. Some of the skills you can develop as a gamer is for example strategic thinking, collaboration and communication. Sounds like skills needed in any workplace to me!

Another activity we were invited to participate in was a Hackathon about lifelong learning organized by Almedalen Weekend. Some of the basic principles of Gamification such as clear goals, mastery of different skills, quick and relevant feedback and tools for visual progress is excellent for creating great learning experiences. The lifelong learning perspective was also emphasized by Darja Isaksson, Vinnova’s new director-general, in a great seminar about the digital transformation and learning hosted by IT&Telekomföretagen. 

Finally, I had the great pleasure to give some food for thoughts about gamification at the seminar that summed up the healthcare debate in Almedalen. The audience responded very well to my input, and had a lot of great ideas and practical examples of the possibilities to improve efficiency and result in treatments with the help of gamification or behavioral design. One example was a VR-simulation where a doctor could play the role of the patient to get a better understanding and more empathy for the perspective of the patient. 

This is just some of the events I had the chance to visit, and I know there was a lot more interesting seminars going on. Allt together I feel very supported in my belief that gamification, nudging and behavioral design are topics here to stay, and that we just have seen a small piece of how it can be used to create sustainable behavior change.



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