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Motivation, one of the greatest benefits of gamifcation

Motivation is very important and affects both individuals and groups in an organisation. Gamification is great at rewarding certain actions or persistence. Actions turns into habits and persistence turns into commitment. Here are six point where gamification can be used as a tool to improve motivation that makes a big different and can impact both soft and hard values.

Need satisfaction is the feeling that every person is needed and that they make a difference at their workplace and to their colleagues. You understand that without you things would be slower, harder and not as good. If you can see that your work adds to the organisations total score you can understand your part better.

Learning something is always easier if you feel motivated, that the information and the way you are trying to consume it is something that matters to you. It is a good boost both as an individual and as an organisation. If you are rewarded every time you use new knowledge you are more keen to remember, and use, the new information.

Job satisfaction is feeling that what you do at work matter and that it is a job well done, that it is a good employer and you enjoy the things you do. You put more effort into something you like and want to be associated with. If your work is rated by customers or colleagues it can bring a feeling of pride and thinking about how to improve your quality and satisfaction.

Discipline is a great challenge to a lot of people. Guess what, motivation helps here as well. It might sound trivial and obvious but it is something that people tend to forget. Reminders, rewards for recurrent actions and help you set up and keep track of your own goals and tasks.

Productivity we all know, and every organisation strive to increase. It is very much affected by motivation and makes both people and companies much more efficient. To regulate workload and stress, faster feedback and better skill adaptation are just some ways that gamification impact productivity. 

The bigger picture often improves when motivation is high, it spreads to soft values surrounding a business and its image. A company is more attractive and a product is better.

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