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Alberto Grosescu

Re-thinking Gamification

What can you expect from a conference focusing on Gamification? There is a lot of misconceptions going around about how to define the concept of gamification. The most common one is that it is all about apps, points, leaderboards and competition. And yes, there are some good (or even great) apps out there including these kind of gamification elements, but that is only a small piece of what the concept of gamification has to offer.

The truth is that gamification is a bit tricky to get done right, but it’s amazing what you can achieve if you succeed. The key is to not focus too much on the mechanics, instead you should start figuring out what behavior you want to achieve or what kind of triggers that motivates different people.

This is why we this year have decided to go beneath the surface and really focus on understanding human behaviour, and why we tend to act (or react) in a certain way. With the help from experts in the field of behavioral economics, behavioral design and neuroscience we will address the core issue of gamification; how to change behavior in an efficient way. Is it even possible to do that without getting manipulative? We are also going to talk about motivation and how to reward people properly. How do you find the key to different people’s motivation? It might come as a surprise to your sales manager, but not everyone wants to be on top of the leaderboard.

This will be complemented with gamification theories and how different mechanics relate to different human core drives and great examples from companies that has managed to get it right (and also what they first have done wrong to get it right).

Five reasons to attend GamifyUs 2018:

  • Learn how the understanding of human behavior can impact business
  • Learn how gamification relates to common human core drives and how you can use it in your product or organization
  • Learn how gamification can be used to create social impact and create a more sustainable environment
  • Learn from companies that has created great solutions for work using gamification
  • Learn more about what motivates you and other people at work

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