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Themes and topics for GamifyUs

Workshops and Interactive sessions

During this session you will take part in an interactive workshop learning how nudging and having an understanding of the irrational side of human nature can help us make meaningful behavior changes in the workplace. Together with the group of other participants you will be sent on a mission - you need to find the right nudge. The workshop will help you create an understanding for how nudging works in practice with the aim of providing you with ideas for how you could implement nudging and change behavior in your own organization.

Workshops are hosted by Ida Lemoine and Samuel Salazar from Beteendelabbet


Actionable Gamification & Behavioral Design

How to understand and use a gamification model and apply it in any context

Yu-Kai Chou, Gamification expert (No 1 in the world)


People, planet and profit

How nudging can help your business to prosper and create a more sustainable workplace at the same time

Linda Lindström, Co-founder Beteendelabbet


Game design, Nudging and Behavioral Science - how are they related?

Panel discussion: Our host Anna Olin Kardell talks with Yu-Kai Chou, Beteendelabbet and guests on the relation between game design, nudging and behavioral science. How can our business and the people in it benefit from knowing more about these topics?


Designing bias-free HR processes

How nudging can help you hire and keep the right people

Christina Gravert, Professor in Behavioral Economics and Founder Impactually.


The Elephant in the Brain

How can knowledge about the Elephant in the brain help you understand yourself, your business or your customers?

Robin Hanson, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University and expert on idea futures and markets.


The Gaming Effect

What are the most important lessons learned from the gaming industry?

(Name will be announced shortly)


Breakout sessions

How brain science can help you achieve your dreams

Don't let your mind fool you on the way towards your goal, learn the tricks to make smarter economical decisions and how to use them in product development 

Stina Söderqvist, Scientist at Dreams Nordic


What Super Mario can teach us about creating habits

Why is the organisation not as rewarding as video games?

Oskar Henriksson, Psychologist founder of Psykologifabriken and creator of the psychological gym Habitud


Into the Wild

How cutting edge technology can affect real-world positive change

Sander van der Vegte, Head of Mediamonks Lab and game developer 


Can gamification create inclusion on the job market?

How can elements from Pokemon go be used to encourage people far from the job market to start networking their way in?

Jonas Bygdeson, social entrepreneur and founder My Dream Now



Exclusive: Save a spot in one of our Experience Based Wake Up Sessions hosted by Beteendelabbet and Impactually. This year we offer two exclusive workshops where you get a hands on experience in how to work with nudging, gamification and behavioral economics to fight biases in the workplace or create more sustainable habits. The workshops is lead by Ida Lemoine, co-founder of Beteendelabbet and one of Veckans Affärer’s Super Talents of 2016 and Samuel Salzer, experienced behavioral strategist and habit expert.

Limited seats.


More speakers will be announced shortly

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